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St George’s Hill - Wednesday 15th March:  Captain’s Day, sponsored by Adam Dowling

Members Singles
1st Adam Dowling - 35 pts
2nd Tony Daly - 35 pts
3rd Rod Scott - 35 pts

Visitors Singles
1st Rob Soen - 37 pts
2nd Paul Taylor - 37 pts
3rd Aran Coker - 36 pts


Mervyn Grubb Memorial Trophy:  
  Adam Dowling - 77 gross

Johnny Peake:  Rod Scott

Veteran:  Tony Daly

I think everyone who attended this year’s Captain’s Day couldn’t fail to have enjoyed a wonderful day playing a superb course in a beautiful setting in bright, warm sunshine under clear blue skies.

It was a magical start to the AGS 2017 golfing season and Adam Dowling’s year as Captain.

All 71 golfers teed off, despite the Highways agency coning off lanes for seemingly non existent roadworks that added a disproportionate amount of travelling time to the last few miles of the journey to St George’s Hill.

Fortunately there were enough of a crowd to watch Adam drive in with an impressive shot straight down the fairway.  All were treated to refreshments at the Halfway Hut, courtesy of our new Captain, as well as goodie bags of tees and golf balls in the name of the Bliss charity that Adam is supporting this year.

We were delighted that Sir Trevor Brooking, Ray Clemence and John Conteh, representing the Variety Club Golf Society, could play with us at St George's Hill and hand over the keys to the latest sunshine coach donated by the AGS.  The Principal and students from Richmond Park Academy were thrilled to receive the shiny new coach.

David Boreman from Bliss and Adam himself, gave a touching insight into the work of the charity in helping babies and families cope with premature birth.  Thanks to all for their generous contributions to the Blob bucket and those who took part in the auction, raising over £1,000 already for Adam’s chosen charity.

2017 Tour - Cascais, Portugal 5th-9th April

Congratulations to our Captain Adam Dowling who won the Ballybunion plate on his first Tour !

Report from your Roving Reporter, Austin Smith:

Cascais without Cash

12 intrepid gents, with 14 clubs apiece

Went on a jaunt well south of Nice

Cascais in Portugal to be precise

Where nectar flows and kittys are never concise

The late nights with copious wine

Were followed by an early starting time

For Pugs it was all a fun joke

But then again he had no rum in his coke

Come the battle of the Ballybunion plate

We started early, not late

Penha Longa is a wonderful course

Full of hills but little gorse.

The million $ challenge was a hoot

But the par 3 with water was a cute brut

We all failed in beating par

However at the 19th there was a star

His name is Adam, our Captain you know

14 points out he wasn’t aglow

But coming back in 20, was plenty

To win the Ballybunion plate, but never a Bentley

So with much grace Stuart, last year’s winner

did the presentation just before dinner

Adam was jubilant and in august company

then we all wandered off for more gluttony.

There is no moral in this tale

It’s just about men, golf and ale

they love good company, golf, and food

but best of all they like it when it’s brewed!

Parkstone - Thursday 27th April:  Sponsored by Magellan

Parkstone looked after us well  - lovely day, great course and food - your roving reporter A M Cash

Members Singles
1st Martyn Wickens - 35 pts
2nd Adam Dowling - 32 pts
3rd Andrew Gavins - 32 pts

Visitors Singles
1st Andy Lowe - 38 pts
2nd Mark McIntyre - 37 pts
3rd Peter Bermingham - 37 pts

Hankley Common - Wednesday 17th May:  Sponsored by Qualitair

All enjoyed the usual Hankley Common friendly and helpful hospitality, but sadly the inclement weather was less than helpful as borne out by the number of sodden score cards handed in after the morning round.

Standing rain on some of the greens resulted in cancellation of the afternoon Greensomes, which was disappointing for all who love playing at Hankley although none of our golfers fancied another soaking.

Members Singles
1st Tony Whitty - 38 pts
2nd Neil Percival - 33 pts
3rd Adam Dowling - 33 pts

Old Sod’s Trophy:  David Tennet - 77

Visitors Singles
1st Ben Hinshelwood - 36 pts
2nd Guy Edmondson - 34 pts
3rd Charlie Brooks - 31 pts

Ashridge - Tuesday 6th June:  Sponsored by Dunlop Aircraft Tyres

A brave group of 43 golfers donned wet weather gear and took on the extremely challenging conditions - heavy rain and high winds - the worst conditions in which some of our golfers had played.

Well done to Ian Richens scoring an impressive 39 points to win the Dunlop Trophy.

Members Singles
1st Ian Richens - 39 pts
2nd Paul Conway - 36 pts
3rd Neil Littlewood - 31 pts

Visitors Singles
1st Roy Deakin - 39 pts
2nd Chris Tubby - 38 pts
3rd M Walker - 36 pts

The Berkshire - Wednesday 28th June:  Sponsored by Camberley Group

We had an excellent turnout of 51 golfers despite heavy overnight rain and a forecast that threatened thunder storms which fortunately stayed away, as did the rain.  The course was in excellent condition and those that didn’t dally in the troublesome heather returned some impressive scores.

Well done Mark Kelsey and Andrew Sanders who both scored an impressive 39 points, with Mark winning on the back 6. It was also close in the visitors’ competition with Jon Evans’ guest winning on the back 6.

Members Singles
1st Mark Kelsey - 39 pts
2nd Andrew Sanders - 39 pts
3rd Craig Hebden - 38 pts

Visitors Singles
1st Mike Halldearn - 40 pts
2nd Francis Bartlett - 40 pts
3rd Greg Hanham - 38 pts

Sunningdale - Thursday 3rd August:  Sponsored by Marshall Aerospace & Defence Group

40 golfers enjoyed playing the superb Sunningdale courses where the greens were described as fast,
but not as fast as they will be next week for the British Seniors Amateur Championship.

Gary Sewell triumphed in the Members singles competition with Mark Shanley winning the Founders Trophy for the third year running.

Members Singles
1st Gary Sewell - 37 pts
2nd Mark Shanley - 34 pts
3rd Kevan Bishop - 33 pts

1st Mark Lunt & Steve Oxley - 23 pts
2nd Andy Barnes & Chris Lovejoy - 20 pts
3rd Adam Dowling & Dave Ford - 20 pts

Visitors Singles
1st John McCarthy - 36 pts
2nd Aran Coker - 33 pts
3rd Andy Barnes - 32 pts

Founder’s Trophy
Mark Shanley - 75

West Hill - Tuesday 5th August:  Sponsored by Hansair

We had a great turn out with 62 golfers taking on the challenge of West Hill’s unforgiving heather.  Judging by the proceeds of the blob bucket I think it’s fair to say most lost the challenge!

Grateful thanks to Gary Sewell of Hansair for sponsoring the event and providing the excellent bottles of bubbly as prizes.  The afternoon Greensomes were subject to heavier downpours but this didn’t stop Neil Percival and his partner scoring an impressive 30 over 12 holes.

Members Singles
1st Dan Allen - 34 pts
2nd Andrew Gavins - 33 pts
3rd Stuart Ogilvie - 32 pts

Greensomes - 12 holes
1st Neil Percival & Darren Wingham - 30 pts
2nd Adam Dowling & Keith Carter - 26 pts
3rd Jon Evans & Mike Halldearn - 26 pts

Visitors Singles
1st Karl Warren - 38 pts
2nd Keith Carter - 35 pts
3rd Darren Wingham - 35 pts

Truelove Salver
Andrew Gavins - 72 net

Worplesdon - Past Captains’ Day - Friday 13th October

33 golfers including 10 Past Captains enjoyed a challenging morning’s golf at Worplesdon

The results clearly showed the course was best suited to the lower handicaps

Combined Singles
1st Mark Kendall - 42 pts
2nd Adam Dowling - 37 pts
3rd Phil Hubble - 36 pts

Past Captains’ Salver
Kevan Bishop - 33 pts

St George’s Hill - White Elephant Day - Sponsored by RTH Group

The golfing year ended as it started at St George’s Hill, enjoying a beautiful sunny day, perfect conditions for golf and an amazing turn out of 82 players for this year’s Captain’s final foray.

Grateful thanks to our very generous sponsor, Nick Ryan and RTH, who spoilt our golfers with gifts of Titleist golf balls and Callaway Shirts as well as providing fabulous prizes for members and guests.

Thanks also to Cheryl Watson and KEC for their continued generous sponsorship for the Golfer of the Year competition.

Members Singles
1st Tony Whitty - 39 pts
2nd Lee Bruce - 38 pts
3rd David Tyler - 38 pts

KEC Golfer of the Year:  Adam Dowling - 46 pts

Runner up:  Dan Allen - 38 pts

Rookie of the Year:  Martyn Wickens - 22 pts

Visitors Singles
1st Stuart Spicer - 38 pts
2nd Gavin Wraith Carter - 37 pts
3rd Mick Burke - 36 pts

Warwicker Putting Plate:  Tim Bygate - 34

Veteran:  Stuart Burdess - 28

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